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Creation of the Universe and You

When considering the creation of all things, it is tempting to imagine the event from the perspective of looking in from the outside, as if creation took place while you watched.

Much, perhaps all, of science does indeed work in this way. A cell biologist can peer into the workings of a cell by cataloging the sets of genetic material expressed. A nuclear physicist may gain understanding of the energies that make up sub-atomic particles using accelerators.

However, the creation event is unique. We cannot observe it from the outside, analyze the expression of its parts or run it through our toys to see what makes it tick, because we–you and I–were created too. As a created being, we are necessarily part of the thing–creation–that we want to understand.

Regardless of where you stand religiously, scientifically or spiritually, all of us who wish to understand the creation of the universe must come to grips with the fact that we too were created.

Judaeo-Christian traditions offer a perspective that turns the pursuit around from observing creation from the outside, to believing in a Creator who always existed outside and was not ever created. That is, a Creator decided one “day,” or six, to create the universe–time, space, everything, including you and me. This leads a curious mind to question Why.

To be continued…